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If you’re over the age of 25, there’s a good chance you’ve already received an email offering retirement advice and anti-wrinkle cream. Ageing is Big Business and everyone’s getting in on the act; from the health and travel sector to finance and insurance. However, the missing piece of the puzzle is a viable employment solution for an ageing population. Although much is being done to encourage employers to adopt a more open attitude to hiring the “mature” candidate, we are still a VERY long way from this becoming a reality.

A High-Tech, Gig Economy Platform designed to showcase the vast skills and experience of older Kiwis would provide an excellent solution.


Sounds fancy, right?

Well, it’s not. You see, it’s really just another way to describe the independent workforce;

The Babysitter. The Plumber. The Builder. The Accountant. The Dog Walker. You name it…………… This “NEW” Gig Economy is nothing more than an improved way to advertise your services; Classified Ads for the Digital Age. In the not so distant past, if we had a service to sell we were expected to buy space in the Yellow Pages or put a card in the window of the local shop. Now we have online platforms. Like GIGMONDO.

Most of these platforms (and there are literally hundreds of them!) require you to possess a specific skillset or physical asset. If you want to drive for UBER, then you’re going to need a car. At AirBnB, it’ll be a second property or spare room you can rent out by the night. But where do you go when your SKILLSET is varied and your most valuable asset is your time and EXPERIENCE?

Welcome to GIGMONDO.


Yep. We’re all getting older and we’re living longer. Check out these numbers…

There is a daunting amount of information out there regarding the world’s ageing population and frankly, not much of it makes for happy reading.

The bulk of it refers to the burden an ageing society will be to world economies, resources and younger generations.

While most articles and reports focus on the problems that come with a rapidly ageing population, every so often you’ll find one highlighting the positives. Remaining healthy and active for longer means older adults will continue to contribute to society. Of course, there are huge economic benefits to be had by having a longer-living, tax-paying population, but the benefits of keeping this population socially engaged and connected is far greater.


Social activity helps us to handle stress better, leading to improved cardiovascular health and immune system.


Remaining socially active means we are far less likely to suffer depression caused by isolation and loneliness.


Socialisation helps us maintain self-esteem and a sense of worth.


Higher levels of socialisation increase longevity.

“The only source of knowledge is experience”.


(That’s right. Albert Bloody Einstein!)



With so many different ways today to find info online, it can sometimes be

The Future of Work is here now. And there is no single group better placed or equipped to take advantage of the huge changes that have occurred on the employment landscape than older Kiwis – the Over 60’s.

Collaboration. Empathy. Flexibility.

As part of the research and development that went into designing this platform a short survey was conducted with New Zealanders over the age of 18. The survey focused on the expectations that Kiwis have regarding work in later life. There were four main takeaways:


of respondents expect to work

beyond retirement age


of respondents believe their skills and experience will still be in demand at retirement age


of respondents believe it will be difficult

to find work at retirement age


of respondents would like work

to be flexible, should it be

necessary at retirement age

The results of this survey tells us that most Kiwis expect to keep working beyond retirement age, and that ideally, that work will be flexible. If only there was a freelance platform that allowed us to do that….

Hang on one second…